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  • I have had care in many clinics and every area, this one has been consistently beyond my expectations. I have already recommended Advance to several friends.

    ~ BL

  • I appreciate being a partner in my own care and being given all the information I need to work towards healing.

    ~ BL

  • Very knowledgable, advice and treatment approach always made sense and led to consistent improvement. I have already referred two friends.

    ~ ML

  • I appreciate the fact that every time I need the services of Advance Sports and Spine I leave without pain and know what to do to keep my body functioning.

    ~ TJ

  • My time at Advance Sports and Spine has been a great experience all around. After 2 doctors and 4 previous therapists, I finally have positive results and a great outlook.” J.M.”Advance is extremely talented, they understand the body and are the only ones who advanced my recovery. I am fortunate to have been referred to them.

    ~ KT

  • Self sustaining improvement. Developing my knowledge, ability, and confidence to overcome my physical problems through individualized exercises specific to my body. Advance taught me what to do and when a symptom arises and how to avoid bigger problems. I have learned more about my body and how to function with increased mobility and less pain than I have had in decades.

    ~ RT

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