Chris has been with Advance Sports and Spine Therapy since 2007.  She graduated from the Pacific University Physical Therapy program in 1984. Chris brings over 30 years’ experience as a Clinical Specialist in Pelvic and Women’s Health. Since graduating, Chris has worked in hospital practices, private practices-both here in Portland and in Boston.

Chris currently holds the following advanced post-graduate certifications:

  • MDT: Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy through the McKenzie Institute International;
  • OCS: Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Board Physical Therapy Specialties;
  • CMPT: Certified Manual Physical Therapist through the North American Institute of Manal Therapy
  • ASTYM certified provider through Performance Dynamics
  • FMS: Functional Movement Screen through Functional Movement Systems

Chris has been continued to expand in skills and in enthusiasm for her work thru obtaining several advance certifications, teaching community classes, assisting in Women’s Health Certification courses, developing and implementing Movement Screening and Re-education programs in grade and high schools. She served on the board of OOPTSG (Oregon Orthopedic PT Study Group) 1989-1992 whose purpose was to advance the profession thru the provision of Continuing Education.

Chris works with a wide range of patients, including Orthopedic, Sports and Pelvic Health patients.   Over the last several years, she has noted the intimate connection of low back pain, hip pain and pelvic pain.   She finds the clinical skills, compassion and clinical reasoning demanded of her by this patient population to be professionally and personally rewarding.